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The Toronto Maple Leafs Wiki is a free reference site for the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club which is being written collaboratively by the readers. We want to become the most up to date and the most reliable source for information about the Maple Leafs and their illustrious history. The Toronto Maple Leafs Wiki should be like a encyclopedia.

This wiki is a wiki, meaning that anyone can contribute to any article. You can contribute by clicking on the Edit button on the top of each page. The Maple Leafs Wiki project was started in October 2008 and was inspired by the Lost television series wiki. There are currently 240 articles at the Toronto Maple Leafs Wiki at the moment. The Toronto Maple Leafs Wiki is in no way related to the Toronto Maple Leafs or the NHL.

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For many people, the idea of a wiki might be a frightening and incredible concept. Take a few minutes to read some (or all!) of the links below, and get a better perspective on how a wiki is managed.

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