Each Month on the Toronto Maple Leafs Wiki, we have a featured Article on the main page, which we call our "Article of the Month". The articles are chosen by users who voted for their favourite article to be featured. The following is a list of articles which were featured in the past.

Formerly Featured ArticlesEdit

Featured during the month of December 2008
Justin Pogge

There is quite possibly no higher touted prospect for the Toronto Maple Leafs than that of Toronto Marlies' goaltender Justin Pogge. Pogge was drafted 90th overall by the Maple Leafs in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft, with expectations to be the Leafs' starting goaltender of the future. Pogge is most well known to Canadian hockey fans for his performance in the 2006 World Junior Hockey Championships. Pogge posted a record of 6-0 for Team Canada, with three of his six victories coming the way of a shutout. Pogge received the most valuable player of the game award for the gold winning 5-0 Team Canada victory over Team Russia.

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